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Our Projects

City of San Jose

Energy Audits

Project Summary

Under contract with the City of San Jose BASE performed integrated and retro-commissioning audit of City’s facilities as well as evaluation of renewable energy projects. The project started in June 2009 and completed at the end of 2012. BASE was assigned various energy audit projects including the following:

  • Library

  • Community Centers

  • Police and Fire Stations

  • Service Yards

  • Animal Care Facilities

BASE was also assigned two solar PV projects including one at the San Jose International Airport. The audits have resulted in identification and analysis of significant energy and cost savings projects at these facilities. We have also served as a resource for various smaller energy efficiency projects. 

Project Highlights

Project Type

Energy Audits


Renewable Audits


City of San Jose

Facility Size

-- ft²

Verified Energy Savings

-- kWh per year

Verified Demand Reduction

-- kW

Verified Natural Gas Savings

-- therms per year

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