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Measurement &


BASE performs measurement and analysis of energy consumption for equipment, systems and facilities. For measurement and evaluation projects, BASE designs detailed measurement protocols to evaluate equipment systems’ energy performance and have the capability and experience to measure any parameter related to the energy performance of systems. Our experience with energy performance measurements includes but is not limited to:

  • Electric Power and Energy Consumption 

  • Fluid and Surface Temperature 

  • Fluid Pressure 

  • Gas Composition including 

  • Exhaust Gas Monitoring 

  • Light Intensity 

  • Liquid Flow (both intrusively and non-intrusively) 

  • Ambient Temperature, Humidity and Light Level 

  • On/Off Operation of Systems 

  • Rotational and Linear Systems 

  • Thermal Imaging

BASE has an extensive inventory of monitoring equipment and the capability and experience to perform these measurements on short and long term basis using data loggers and computer data acquisition systems. We perform our evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V) projects following IPMVP, ASHRAE Guideline 14 or FEMP protocols at the discretion of the client.

As related to measurements and verification (M&V) and monitoring, BASE staff have extensive experience in the design of experiments, instrumentation, data acquisition, monitoring and interpretation.  BASE principal, Dr. Ahmad R. Ganji, P.E. is also co-author of the book, “Introduction to Engineering Experimentation,” 3rd edition published by Prentice Hall in 2010.

Some of our M&V projects include evaluation of:

  • Wine electrodialysis 

  • Wine cold stabilization 

  • High-efficiency hydraulic pumping control system 

  • Mass transit propulsion and braking system 

  • Plastic extruder and blow molding hydraulic drive systems 

  • Mechanical vapor recompression for milk processing 

  • Integration of utility revenue meter to a SCADA system for pumping efficiency optimization 

  • Water pumping optimization for City water supplier 

  • Retro-Commissioning of HVAC Systems for Various commercial and municipal facilities 

  • Measurement & Verification of Energy Savings from Wastewater Treatment Primary Filtration

  • Industrial Hydraulic Pumping System

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