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Golden Gate Bridge

Our Story

Berkeley Applied Science & Engineering, Inc. was established in 1987 by a small group of engineers to provide research services to government agencies. Early on, we provided Southern California Gas Company’s industrial and commercial customers with comprehensive energy auditing services. As demand grew, we also began supplying design review and other energy efficiency-related services to industrial, commercial, and institutional customers of PG&E. In light of this expanding portfolio of energy-related services, we changed our name to BASE Energy, Inc. in 2000. Since then, we have provided a diverse array of services to our wide variety of customers which include, but not limited to energy and water assessments, design reviews for energy efficiency, benchmarking, evaluation and monitoring of carbon footprint, energy measurement and verification, retro-commissioning, strategic energy planning, project/program management, etc.

Since the beginning, we have never shied away from a complex problem and have always maintained complete objectivity. Above all, we have listened to our clients and delivered above and beyond their expectations. Our dedication to providing custom energy solutions goes beyond the study, the project, or the program and elevates us to the role we live to fulfill: trusted energy partner.

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