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Open Books


Below you will find access to some of our publications and technical resources which we have made available free to the public. Click the pdf icon to download.

(ACEEE) Evaluation of Common Practices of Adopting Energy Efficiency Technologies in Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities 

(PG&E) A Study on Technology Options and Energy Efficiency Standard Practices for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants (2016)

(IETC) Water and Embedded Energy Conservation in the Industrial Sector – Potentials and Case Studies

(IETC) Potential for Energy, Peak Demand, and Water Savings in California Tomato Processing Facilities

(IETC) Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Wineries for Retrofit and New Construction Projects

(ACEEE) Opportunities for Energy Efficiency in Hydrocarbon Resin Manufacturing Facilities

(ACEEE) Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Processing/Cold Storage Facilities

(IETC) Energy Conservation Opportunities in Carbonated Soft Drink Canning/Bottling Facilities

(IETC) Opportunities for Energy Efficiency and Demand Response in Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Facilities

(WEEC) Investment Grade Energy Audit

(WEEC) Energy Assessment of Selected Schools in Anchorage School District

(PG&E) Energy Baseline Study for Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants

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