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Engineering Plans

Design Reviews

Over Our staff has developed design review reports for a wide array of commercial, industrial, municipal and agricultural facilities.  The specific objective of design review projects is to perform technical design reviews and analyses in order to recommend a more energy-efficient design and operation for the targeted facility:

Our design review process involves:

  • Evaluating the proposed new construction design documents and major remodel projects for energy efficiency, demand response capabilities and utility incentive/assistance. 

  • Evaluating and analyzing selected equipment, establishing baselines (using California Title 24 when applicable or industry standards) and recommending alternative equipment for improved energy performance. 

  • Identifying and analyzing recommended equipment and system improvements to incorporate into the design including energy efficiency, water efficiency, demand response and self-generation/alternative energy. For commercial buildings, BASE creates an energy model of the proposed design project using various simulation software such as eQuest, EnergyPro, CBECC-Com, etc. 

  • Preparation of comprehensive project reports detailing baseline analysis, proposed recommendations, detailed energy savings and feasibility analyses, and potential financial incentive analyses. 

  • Performing post construction verification site visit and analyses of installed equipment. 

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