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Commercial Building at Night

Energy & Water Assessments

Plantwide Facility Energy Assessments

BASE engineers have directed over 1000 comprehensive plant-wide energy assessments of commercial, institutional, municipal, and industrial facilities. Our engineers have the capability to perform ASHRAE Level I, II and III audits depending on the needs of the customer which includes: 

  • A clear and comprehensive evaluation of all energy-consuming systems at the facility

  • Detailed energy billing data analysis

  • Benchmark facility’s energy and water consumption

A detailed engineering and economic feasibility study of all potential energy projects including:

  • Energy conservation

  • Energy efficiency

  • Demand response

  • Renewable energy and self-generation

  • Potential sources for project financing

  • A comprehensive roadmap for a sustainable business

Targeted Assessments

BASE has evaluated a wide variety of industrial processes and building systems. Our systems approach ensures that local modifications and enhancements to existing equipment do not adversely affect secondary processes and systems. Targeted Energy Assessments typically include:

  • Developing detailed measurement protocols to help characterize system’s energy performance 

  • Identifying system energy inefficiencies (through measurements) and potential solutions 

  • Developing detailed engineering and economic feasibility studies for all potential energy improvement opportunities 

Our systems expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) 

  • Chilled water central utility plants 

  • Hot water central utility plants 

  • Industrial steam generation and use 

  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration 

  • Ovens, furnaces and process heating 

  • Compressed air generation and use 

  • Industrial automation 

  • Renewable energy 

  • Self-generation 

Water Conservation Assessments

Identifying water conservation opportunities is an important service BASE has performed for commercial, agricultural, food processing and industrial facilities. Our engineers make recommendations, then analyze the embedded energy savings that come from implementing those recommendations. 

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