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Building Emissions Saving Ordinance (BESO)

Berkeley's Building Emissions Savings Ordinance (BESO)

Berkeley's BESO requires existing commercial, industrial, and multifamily buildings to report their annual energy consumption and perform comprehensive energy assessments on a 5-year reoccurring cycle. BESO requirements are the followings:

  • Buildings between 15,000 - 24,999 ft­² require annual benchmarking and assessment at time of listing

  • Buildings over 25,000 ft­² require annual benchmarking and energy assessment every 5 years

  • Buildings between 850 - 14,000 ft­² and 1-4 unit homes require assessment at time of listing

Annual Energy Benchmarking - Due July 1st Annually

Building owners for all buildings over 15,000 ft­² are required to submit their buildings' energy benchmarks through the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager website annually. 

Energy Assessment - Every 5 Years

Building owners for all buildings over 25,000 ft­² are required to perform a comprehensive energy assessment every five years. BESO provides a LARGE BUILDING LIST for checking the status of your building's assessment compliance status.

  • Buildings under 50,000 ft­² are required to perform ASHRAE Level I Energy Audit

  • Buildings of 50,000 ft­² or more are required to perform ASHARE Level II Energy Audit

How We Can Help

  • We have experienced Energy Engineers who performed hundreds of benchmarking.

  • We will submit all the required paperwork, work with utilities, and answer questions from the city on your behalf.

  • Energy Assessments Deferrals and Exemptions - Energy assessments can be deferred or exempted if certain criteria are met (e.g. if the building has an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Performance Score of 80 or above), we will work with owners to determine their eligibility.

Get Started!

For additional information, contact us at or call us at 415-534-300 to have all your benchmarking and energy assessments questions answered.

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