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Comprehensive Audit Program SDG&E

Through CAP, BASE Energy provides Industrial and Agriculture customers with comprehensive energy assessments detailing the facility’s existing energy usage patterns and recommending potential energy savings projects.  Financial incentives for the energy efficiency improvement projects offered by SDG&E are also identified.  By selecting BASE for your energy efficiency needs, you will partner with a proven and reliable company with a long history serving utility customers throughout California.  Our experienced engineers offer a high degree of technical expertise to identify and asses the best energy solutions for our customers.

By participating in CAP, SDG&E customers will receive:

  • Category 1 – High Level Audit

    • Identification and evaluation of Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, and Self-Generation (e.g. solar) measures

    • High-level estimates of measure energy savings, implementation cost, potential SDG&E financial incentives. and payback periods

    • Detailed list of all energy consuming equipment at facility

  • Category 2 – Detailed Investment Grade Audit

    • Highly attractive measures from the Category 1 audit are selected by the customer and evaluated in detail to more accurately calculate energy savings potential.  Findings are presented in the Category 2 audit reports which are approved for customers who intend to implement these “highly attractive” measures within one year.

SDG&E Industrial and Agriculture customers can receive these services at no-cost.​

Program Participation Eligibility

  • Business has a monthly on-peak demand of at least 100 kW for three consecutive months.

  • Facility has not received a SDG&E sponsored audit within the last 3 years.

  • Business is currently billed on an industrial or agricultural time-of-use rate by SDG&E.

  • Must have occupied the premises for a minimum of 6 months.

Get Started!

For additional information make sure to read our Program Brochure. Contact us to schedule a 100% free of charge energy efficiency scoping audit!

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