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Metropolitan’s Headquarter Building

Project Summary

Under contract with Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles, BASE has performed a comprehensive ASHRAE Level III energy audit and water audit for Metropolitan’s Headquarter Building to identify potential energy efficiency measures and water conservation opportunities.

BASE performed in-depth evaluations on all building equipment to establish the baseline model by eQuest simulation, and to benchmark the building performance by ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The baseline usage was also verified by data-logging on major equipment of the facility. In addition, BASE engineers evaluated and documented the current best practices which have resulted in the high energy performance of the building.

BASE engineers evaluated all energy and water consuming equipment at the facility including lighting, combined heat and power system, computer room air conditioners, lighting, chilled water system, lavatory water systems, etc.  Site visits were made to gather the necessary information and dataloggers were installed on selected equipment to monitor the operation and establish baseline energy performance.

Project Highlights

Project Type

Energy Audits



LA Metropolitan Water District

Facility Size

520,000 ft²


14 Energy Efficiency Measures

Verified Energy Savings

390,000 kWh per year

Verified Demand Reduction

48 kW

Verified Natural Gas Savings

-- therms per year

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